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Men’s Hair

VÜ London Salon of Javea offer a variety of services for men’s hair. Whether you are looking for a quick trim, cut and finish or something a bit different, the professional team at VÜ can help you decide.

Hair & Barbering Price List
Both Waxing & Massage available for Ladies and Gents

Regular cut €18

Buzz cut (2 guards) €14

Wet Shave
With cut throat razor, pre-shave moisturiser, hot towel to open pores.
Hot water shave. Finished with a cool shave balm.
€20- 30 mins

Head shave
Pre-moisturiser, hot towel (eucalyptus), shaving foam, cut throat razor.
Plus cold towel to close pores. Finished with cool fresh balm.
€18- 30 mins

Classical Traditional Shave
Pre-shave moisturiser, face massage, hot towel, cut throat razor,
shaving soap, cold water, cool fresh post-shave balm.
€27 -45 mins

Double Luxury Shave
As above, plus 2nd hot towel & 2nd shave (fresh blade).
€32- 60 mins

Head, Neck, Shoulders (relaxing/gentle or apply pressure)

€22- 20 mins
€32 – 30 mins

Facial Rejuvenation “Natural Facelift Massage”

€22- 30 mins
€30 – 45 mins

Head, nose, chin, eyebrows, ears €17- 20 mins

Eyebrows only
(e.g. ladies)
€10 -10 mins

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